For Artists

The Switchlift was designed by a professional potter for other potters. 
Whether you are primarily a thrower, sculptor, or hand builder, the Switchlift is for you. It’s stable table design, its on-demand micro-adjustability and huge carrying capacity make it the ultimate studio tool.  The Switchlift will give you complete control and allow you to take your work to new creative heights never before imaginable.


In designing the Switchlift, we collaborated with physical therapists, chiropractors and other artists for input. When it came to the artists, these were some of the comments that stood out most and inspired our designs when we began:

Artist's Comments

“I can’t get up or walk after sitting at the wheel a couple of hours." -Naomi W
“I would dearly love to try something to alleviate my back pain while throwing." -Dorian M
“Such a product would be an amazing gift to so many…Teri A.” “I would love to be able to stand up and throw." - Catherine J.
“Yes, I would love to be able to work with less pain. I just had a spinal stimulator placed on my back yesterday. I would love to get back on the wheel." -Angela H.
“I would love to be able to walk at the end of the week. I am 5’8 tall…the wheels in the studio where I do all my work are just to short. Looking for anything that would be better." -Tari H.
“Something of this nature would be a tremendous help for me and others with disabling back conditions, especially if it is something the we can add to the wheels we already have, rather than having to reinvent the wheel, as they are so expensive." 
Each Switchlift is custom made, Due to current demands all new orders will be fulfilled in March of 2017